Healed of Acute Back Pain

by Cathy Heisler

When listening to healing messages, I’ve heard many preachers say that we will stay that way if we are tolerant of something. How true! Believing in one’s healing takes work on our part. It takes a fight to stand up against the enemy and say, “enough is enough; I’m not settling! Not anymore!” In the Bible, God says to “try Him” to see if His Word is true. It is! One day I decided to stand up and fight, and it worked! For the majority of my life, I’ve been plagued with back problems. I’ve gone to a chiropractor for many years and have been treated with “adjustments” and therapy. I’ve been told that I have spinal curvature and arthritis in certain parts of my spine.

Through the teachings on healing and “spirit, soul and body”, I have learned that God never intended for me to have those things, that Jesus suffered and died for those chronic conditions, and everything else that could come down the pike to afflict us. But we need to stand up and disagree with those diagnoses and know that in the spirit, we are already healed. All we need to do is renew the mind (the soul), confess with our mouths, and believe that healing will come through to our body. Sometimes it takes but an instant, and sometimes it takes a long time. But either way, if you stay persistent, it will come.

One Sunday morning, I got out of bed feeling chipper and energetic (which is not the usual “me”). Walking to the bathroom, I immediately felt a sharp nerve pain in my lower spine that hurled me to the floor. My back was locked up, and I couldn’t move. As I tried to get myself up and over to the bed, I winced in pain, shuffling my feet and moving ever so slowly, breathing heavily as I tried to get myself onto the bed. I lay there still, afraid to move, afraid to breathe. Each breath and movement sent another spasm into my body. I told my husband what happened, and he immediately began to pray over me.

I started to quote the usual Scriptures, but nothing happened. I tried to get up again, and I was almost paralyzed with pain. As I was ready to give up and not get prepared to go to church and “accept” my fate, I heard a small voice inside of me that said, “you know what you have to do.” I said to myself, “yes, I am not putting up with this because I am healed in Jesus’ name!!!” I started to speak out loud to the enemy claiming victory in Jesus’ name, quoting every healing Scripture that I knew repeatedly. I told the enemy that he would not win, that I would get up and get ready to go to church, and that this would be for God’s glory.

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